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Stumped on what to wear for your upcoming holiday family photos and how to coordinate multiple outfits? I have a few tips below that might help!

  1. Pick your color scheme and stick with it! I recommend choosing 2-4 main tones and basing your outfits around them. For Holiday photos, richer hues paired with lighter neutrals look great together.

2. Plan outfits accordingly to the location your photos will be taken at. If you’re going outdoors, into a dark green forest, you’re probably not going to want a dark forest green sweater and if you’re going to have a busy background of yellow, orange, and red leaves - a cream or navy dress would be a great contrast to help you stand out. If you’re having your photos taken in my natural light (white) studio, you’ll really be good to go with any colors you choose.

3. Neutrals are the easiest to coordinate and look great just about anywhere (think white, cream, gray, beige), but if you’re looking to stand out with pops of color, the best place to do that is with your outfits! Don’t be shy to rock a deep red dress, brightly patterned bow tie, or sharp black suit coat.

4. Mood. Your outfits + the scene will determine the mood of your photos. If you prefer bold and contrasty - add some black or dark toned colors to stand out in any setting. If you prefer soft and bright - whites, creams, neutrals, and cozy textures will give you that feel (especially in a white based studio).

5. Texture! Straight cotton everything comes across boring. Add in different textures if possible to really create a stylish look. Think leather shoes, fur vest, velvet dress, tulle skirt, linen shirt, or glittery shoes for a fun and interesting look.

6. My last tip would be to wear something you’re comfortable in and actually like how you look in it. If it’s so uncomfortably tight that you feel like you can’t smile because you’re sucking in so hard - try another outfit (and also know you don’t need to suck in; I already have some posing tricks up my sleeve that flatter any body type). If you’d rather a more casual look than dressy - it’s perfectly fine to wear nice jeans + cozy sweaters and it’s also totally okay to come in rocking matching family PJ’s! These are your photos and you should wear whatever look you want!

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